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"I am a Full-Stack Digital Media Specialist, Business Developer, Project Coordinator, Profesional Content Writer, Market Researcher & Professional Translator"
The Founder of Karkadeh Group for Digital Existence and Innovative Solutions.
I always find myself in the field of business where the success stories told for others, the story began with my beloved major, I've studied Business and enrolled in the market place for more than 5 years in large organizations and the first of it's kind in many countries, so that, you would find many skills and a wide variety of experiences due to working in so many sectors and departments that helped me to start up my character.

If you reach this point of my little words, I would really appreciate that it was interesting for you to keep up with me in a successful work together.
Find more details below and at my platforms.

My base in business life:
"Part-time Dreamer, Full-time Achiever"


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