Abdelrahman Mahran

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Personal Brief:
Three years of Professional Experience in solar energy field divided into 1 year with knowledge of Solar water heaters & 2 years for photo voltaic (on & off Grid) Systems. I am very excited for new challenges so it would be a pleasure if you contact me.

Startup: Mecha Solar Egypt
Mecha Solar Egypt will empower the world's underdeveloped communities through the application of solar and wind energy technologies.
The company will become the world's leading provider of renewable energy (RE) products and services, with projects potentially spanning all seven continents by 2021.

Family Business: Grand For Real Estates
مكتب جراند للتسويق العقاري
متخصص في تسويق و الاستثمار في جميع انواع العقارات
(شقق - فلل - أراضي - محلات تجاريه - مكاتب إدارية)
في مصر و جميع انحاء الوطن العربي.


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